Essentials for Keeping Cool on a Rendezvous at the Death Valley

21 Sep

One of the popular destinations in the U.S that  a large number of individuals long to visit is the Death Valley. It is a hot desert visited by millions of people every single year.  Despite of its thrilling name, Death Valley has some of the most interesting sites which make it a suitable destination for a road trip.


The only issue is that in most years, this desert records at least two death cases caused by heat. This is due to its sky-high temperatures.  That is the main reason behind its name. Following this, it is important that you take note of a few things when planning for a trip to this place especially if you will be having your car.  In the Death Valley , people and even pets have been reported to have died in cars due to extreme heats.  Thus, on your rendezvous to this place, here are view tips for keeping cool.

The first tip is to consider your vehicle.  Avoid taking your old vehicle to this place. Following the extreme heat, you can also rule out taking a black car with you.  Preferably, you need a white car.  If you fail to find one, then opt for another light color provided it is able to reflect the hot sun rays Without saying, you will need a properly working air conditioning system. You can have some cool sessions along the way as having the machine on all the time may damage the car.

Next, it is important that you take shelter at every stops.  Even with a bright colored car with a proper functioning air conditioning unit, the heat will become more unbearable as you proceed to the interiors of the Death Valley.  For this reason, taking stops out of  your car would be crucial.  At this point, taking a long awning would be the best idea as the last thing you want is to stay under the burning sun rays. This will save you from getting a heat stroke or even sun burns.  Setting up an awning is quite simple thus, you will complete within no time.

The last tip is to ensure that your trunk is filled with bottled water. In most times people miss to accurate determine the amount of water they would need. However, it is advisable to have 20 liters of water for every person. Just have it in mind that you need to regulate how you take the water.  You should avoid taking bigger drinks at a go but rather sip or take a cup of water at an interval of half an hour so that you can remain hydrated all the way, view here!

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